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Volunteer Board of Directors & Staff

Delores Sharp

Deloris is an Alumni of A Diamond in the Ruff Program. She began her journey in 2019 and exited to permanent housing in 2020. Since then she has maintain a self-sufficiency and has gone on to receive her Bachelors Degree from Mills College this year in 2023. She wanted to give back to A Diamond in the Ruff, because, she feels as a former participant of our program, she believes in our mission, in helping women to become more stable and successful.

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Helene Sims

Helene is the Associate Director of Events for the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. In addition to her professional skill and talents, she brings to the table her shared passion of giving back, and helping others, and working to break the generational patterns that are seen being passed down in our communities of color.

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Lisa Trinell Patterson-Jones

Lisa is a licensed California Real Estate Broker in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the owner and CEO of Suburban Homes Realty. An Oakland native, her passion is helping others while on their journey to financial freedom, self empowerment, and helping those heal from childhood traumas.

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Marla Williams-Powell

Marla has over 30-years of operational experience from various educational sectors (UC, K12, CSU and CCC). She believes that she can offer her time by strategic planning, and support through an organizational lens via potential community of other resources (within the community college or other community agencies).

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Shawna Norman

Shawna ensures Data & Reporting for Interim Transitional Housing Sites, through the Oakland Transitional Housing Alliance Pathways Program for Family Front Door Families.

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Tracey Nails-Bell

As the Founder and Executive Director, of a 501 c3 non-profit for over thirteen years. It has been a goal of mine to make sure that we continue to provide an innovative and sustainable pathways program, to help in the wellbeing of single women and single mother's and their children.

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Traci Lewis

Traci has over 20-years in Housing Development and Management and Property Management. She was the Operations Director for St. Anthony Foundation in San Francisco. Her mission is to help women heal, prosper, stabilize & gain some skills needed to attain self-sufficiency.

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