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​​​A Diamond in the Ruff, Incorporated

Tracey Nails-Bell
The Founder of A Diamond in the Ruff, Inc.

Our Vision

What Sets Us Apart

Our vision is to up lift women from every walk of life. We want all women to experience the knowledge of their inner beauty, their self-worth, Creating wholeness and uncovering and polishing up the outer part that has been​ hidden beneath the layers.

At A Diamond in the Ruff, we are dedicated to providing safe and affordable housing for women in need. We don't just provide a place to live, but a supportive environment where women can build a better future. Our residents benefit from a range of services such as job counseling, budgeting advice, and mentorship.

We are dedicated to empowering women and helping them overcome their struggles. Our staff and volunteers are committed to helping our residents succeed and reach their full potential. We believe that every woman deserves a chance to have a safe and secure place to call home. 

Since its inception in 2009, A Diamond in the Ruff Inc has focused on serving single women and single women household families experiencing housing displacement or homelessness. The vast majority of women served in our transitional housing are low-income women of color, ages 24-68, who are living in severe poverty or are homeless and are victims of domestic violence, recovering from substance use disorders, exiting correctional facilities, and /or suffering from mental illness. 

 Women in our programs generally come from Alameda County and other nearby counties, with most coming from East Oakland, West Oakland, North Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, and other counties. 

A Diamond in the Ruff currently operates two transitional housing residences under its umbrella and has a total housing capacity to serve 12 women and 8 children.

A Diamond in the Ruff single women's home serves women for up to 2-years.

Our core program was created in 2011 as an eighteen-month Independent Program Sober Living Home and Program.

It serves six women at a time, with culturally and linguistically appropriate curriculum that promotes social and emotional wellness.

Harvest Community House ( For families) has stay up to 6-months. With a goal to transition from interim transitional housing and supportive services to permanent housing within six month timeframe. 

 In addition both housing program provides interactive workshops, educational seminars, and one-on-one coaching with goals to help women identify and develop insight into their past traumas and offer practical applications to recognize and remove barriers toward self-sufficiency created by this trauma. 

This work includes teaching women how to connect with their core, know their purpose, and find their pathway towards a healthier and more stable, and sustainable lifestyle. 



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